SF SCOFIELD Trinity Wallet

I have been using this wallet for a while now, and so far, I haven’t noticed anything negative about it. The aluminum case indicates high quality, and the silicone layer inside prevents the cards from accidentally slipping out. It securely holds six cards, and I recommend storing bank and credit cards there since it’s RFID protected. By pulling down the lever on the right side, the cards fan out, making them easily accessible.

The rest of the wallet is made of high-quality faux leather, where you can fit at least 4 more cards, but it becomes difficult to close. Additionally, there are good options for storing bills inside, with 50€ notes fitting easily when unfolded.

At the back of the wallet, there’s a small coin pocket. It can’t hold many coins, but it’s one of the few smart wallets that have one.

I am very satisfied with this wallet. It’s small, handy, and easily fits in my pocket. I wouldn’t want to be without it!